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Mastin Robeson


Mastin Robeson served 35 years in the Marine Corps, retiring as a Major General of Marines in February 2010. His service included tours of duty in over 55 countries, and his combat experiences include Liberia, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, the Horn of Africa, Iraq, Southern Philippines, and Afghanistan.

He has extensive experience in strategic and operational planning, international engagement, and deploying of military assets in war and peace.  His expertise in understanding and managing complex problems in crisis environments led to his promotion to senior positions of command authority during his military career.


In 2007, Mastin served as General Dave Petraeus’ Director of Strategy, Plans, and Assessments in Iraq during which time he was responsible for the development and assessment of General Petraeus’ 2007 Iraq Campaign Plan.  This was the plan that resulted in dramatic improvements in Iraqi security, economy, and political factors.  He has on five occasions re-designed commands so that their capabilities satisfied a new and  emerging security requirement.


During the tenure of former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (1997-2001), General Robeson served for 2 years as Military Assistant to the Secretary.  In this role he was involved in supporting the Office of the Secretary in preparation and submission to Congress of the annual defense budgets, analysis of United States military and strategic policies, and review and assessment of long-range planning horizons for each branch of the armed services.


During Mastin’s service in the Marine Corps he commanded at every operational level to include a Counter-Terrorism Task Force in combat, the 2d and 3d Marine Divisions, and the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.



Commander:  Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

Upon Mastin’s return from Iraq, he assumed command of Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command where he developed and implemented a plan to re-define the command’s organizational, training, equipment, and operational focus, making it more relevant to meet National and world-wide demands.  He exercised operational and financial control over a $1.9Bil operating budget that included new construction of a $356Mil installation, and $2Bil in capital assets.

Commander:  Combined Joint Task Force in the Horn of Africa

In this role, General Robeson was responsible for synchronizing U.S. military, political, and inter-agency actions and engagements across a nine-country region, frequently interfacing personally with ambassadors and national leaders.  Mastin exercised operational and financial control over an 1800 person counter-terrorism task force, a $25Mil operating budget, and $1.2Bil in capital assets across an area three-forths the size of the continental United States.

Commander:  2d Marine Division

As Commander of the 2d Marine Division, Mastin trained and then moved 15,000 Marines and sailors and 8,000 pieces of major equipment over 11,000 miles to support the invasion of Iraq.  As Commander of this Division he exercised operational and financial control over 17,000 people, a $40Mil operating budget, and $2.3Bil in capital assets.

Commander: 3d Marine Division

As Commander of the 3d Marine Division, his operational control of personnel and assets stretched from Hawaii, across the Pacific Rim, and into Afghanistan and Iraq. Mastin directed all operations and financial control over 8,000 people, a $28Mil operating budget, and $450Mil in capital assets.

Mastin Robeson is currently the President and founder of TRGSolutions, LLC, an emerging company that specializes in national and international business development, marketing strategy, and leadership.  Mastin has over 35 years experience in organizing, training, and leading world-class teams to achieve a high degree of success in solving complex problems in crisis environments.

A native of the Carolinas, Mastin has been married to his college sweetheart for 35 years.  They have four children and three grandchildren, and currently reside outside of Greenville S.C.

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