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Advocacy Anchor


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Members of our team work on behalf of clients on Capitol Hill, with the federal Executive Branch, and in the courts.

  • 101 Strategy Partners is part of the NextLaw Public Affairs Network, a global network of public affairs companies.  The Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentons Global Advisors.  NextLaw CEO Paul Hatch is an integral part of our team.

  • Sorini Samet & Associates are well known and highly regarded trade experts, led by Ron Sorini and Andrew Samet.

  • Al Guida at Guide Consulting Services made his reputation in the area of health care.

Media Anchor


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We have deep backgrounds in all types of media, including the traditional formats of television, print, and radio, as well as digital/social media.

  • Digital/social media needs are directed to Convergence Media, represented by Tom Newhouse, and to Brian Communications, headed by Founder/CEO Brian Tierney.

  • Crisis communications and high-level television and video media efforts are led by Susan Forbes and Forbes News Agency.

  • Mark Brender is the former Pentagon Producer for ABC News.

  • Television and video production is led by Lee Johnson and Congressional Media Group. 

Public Relations 

Public Relations Anchor
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We have extensive experience in public relations and public affairs.  Every member of the team has represented clients with a wide variety of needs.

  • Our go-to firm for public relations and advertising is Brian Communications, with owner/CEO and PR impresario Brian Tierney as the lead.

  • Tom Thoren is a long-time practitioner of constituent relations and outreach on behalf of some of America's most sophisticated organizations.  He was a political assistant to President Ronald Reagan in the White House.


Research Anchor
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We rely upon one of America's leading survey research firms, Public Opinion Strategies (POS), for our research needs.

  • Public Opinion Strategies is represented by founding POS partner Neil Newhouse.

Leadership Anchor


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Our members have held senior positions in American government, our national political parties, news networks, the military, trade associations, corporations, public affairs and public relations firms, and law firms.  Each of us can work as part of a larger team or can assemble and lead the team.

  • Mastin Robeson Maj. Genl, (USMC, Ret.), served as Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and as Commander of MARSOC, the special forces of the US Marine Corps.

  • Craig McKinley, General, (USAF, Ret.), served as the 26th Chief of the National Guard Bureau and as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Our Locations & Philosophy

101 Strategy Partners is a "virtual" firm of independent professionals and businesses.  Its name derives from its former, long-time operation from a suite of offices located at 101 Constitution Avenue, NW, in Washington DC.  The name stuck.

Members of 101 are affiliated because of their ongoing interest in combining forces with others who provide complementary skills and expertise.  Any member may bring others to the mix in order to form a team, whether they are part of the 101 core group, operate independently, or are affiliated with another firm.

101 is bipartisan.  It is made up of friends and colleagues who are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

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